Just some everyday thoughts!!!

I have spend way to much time infront of the computer doing absolutly nothing the last two weeks. At the moment I am trying to write my assignment for school but after six months in New Zealand it is like other things are more important…well maybe not important but they just take up space in my mind. Everytime I try to write something it is as if my brain just has it’s own life…”hello that is funny. I know it is just a picture of me jumping of a cliff…oh, I could organize my flickr too. Or write an email to Liz and Barrie. Hmmm…I wonder what the weather is like in New Zealand. It could be nice just lying on a beach on Ko Tao. Or maybe have a barbecue at Big Fish. I wonder what all the guys from the festival is doing…etc. etc.” So you can see it is really hard for me to work on my assignment. But I am slowly getting there…7 pages now. Hopefully I have finished it on wednesday or thursday. I tried to write it all weekend but we ended up on Tir Nan Nog. Always very funny. Well even more funny this friday because Ane and I were dancing and jumping around to some really funny irish music. And drinking fanta shots and meditating and telling people they would get all kinds of diseases. A funny thing because said they did not believe me and still they told it to other people what I had foreseen… Saturday was my day of rest. Ionly stayed awake for a couple of hours to watch a Samurai movie in the afternoon and Broken Flowers with Bill Murray at noght. Which is by the way a really cool movie but don’t expect to understand it the first time…well I didn’t. Sunday morning out running again…totally addictive. Trying to write my assignment but nothing happened. At nine I went to Brian’s and we watched a movie. Off course I couldn’t sleep so I was just lying there and listening to all the noises in the house. People having sex which was really funny because he almost made more noice then she did. And then they tried to turn up the TV butt I could still here them and the newsreporter in a strange symphony of pleasure and pain.
Well finally I did fall a sleep. And slept for a about 5 hours. Still so very tired..the folder with my assignment is open but that is about it. Back to work.

Autumn is near

Summer has gone by way way to fast…spending time with family and friends. Having fun with football and beers on a sunday, playing crocket in the back yard, drinking coffee in the sun and having barbecues at night.
Why is it that autumn is already so near…I feel I have just left autumn in New Zealand and now it is almost autumn here in Denmark. I find it really hard being back in Denmark and if it wasn’t for my family and really good friends, I would have left a long time ago…except I have only been home in 3 weeks. Though some days it feels like years. It is just because I can’t focuse on anything and there is so much I have to focuse on. Like examns, find a place to live, pay the bank back, work and my further education. And it is not like I don’t wanna focuse…I just can’t. Maybe to much Sang Som whiskey in Thailand…
Naaahh!… Maybe I have to many plans, like going to New York during the next year, Oslo maybe at Christmas, England, Ireland and Skotland next summer…and ofcourse Skanderborg Festival. Well, I am glad I am so young, allthough my family maybe thinks it is time for me to get my own family. And I might someday…if it happens, it happens.

Back in Denmark

How weird is this. I have been in Denmark exactly 10 days, and already I feel everything is like it always has been. Except I am different. It has been really nice seeing all my friend and we had a blast last weekend at a barbecue party.
But this weekend I visited my father and his family, and my friend and I went out for a beer at the local pub. I felt like I had just entered a time maschine 20 years back and no one knew me. When we entered the only thing we could hear, was this danish folksinger on the stereo and everyone was staring at us like we were aliens. Thess old alcoholics with all their stupid drunk lines trying to be cool, but to me they just seemed pathetic and miserable. I know that it is very predudice of me to say that, but I really felt like a foreigner in this small time in the southern USA, where you get beaten just be looking at people.
Though after a short while people lost interest in us and we could just enjoy our beer and have a nice talk.
This is defently the last time I go out in this small town, except when it is christmas and everyone who escaped this place in time, come back to visit their families, like war veterans. Then we will try to have fun and remember what things used to be like here and only have that in common.