Being political

Finally things are happening. Demonstrations and lockouts in almost every child care institutions in Århus. People are not happy with the politicians and it is time to do something about it. Together we are stronger and hopefully we will see good results. If not, people have to remember the hard times at next election. Why is it that we have to save in good times as well as in bad times… In the end it is the elderly and the childrenthat will suffer. But our government believe in helping the people who need nohelp, and then the not-so-lucky can help each other. They keep saying that in other cities they can do it cheaper, then why shouldn’t we. In America our government would be democratic, but I don’t wanna look at the american conditions. I believe in the Danish well-fare system and hope that there will be someone to look after me, if I get sick or when I get old. I wanna have professionals to look after my children and teach them about life, democracy and respect for other children. I wanna live in a country where we respect each other as individuals and the different cultures that is part of being a multi cultural society. I wanna have the opportunity to say no when I am not pleased with my politicians and I wanna have the right of free speach.
I believe in protecting the weakest in our society which is our children, the animals and our nature. We need to think before acting…we need to reflect before and after taking actions. No need in sending soldiers to Iraq if we believe in dialogues and communications… we need to do everything we can to prevent war, because it is only the big weapon-companies that will profit on the war. I can’t say which I belong to, because no one can give me the entirely right answer why I should choose them….I am not shure I believe in some God, but what I do know is that we should just try to be good and treat other people the way you would like them to treat you. It is actually quite simple to say…why is it so hard to do???

Bla bla bla

How come does small insignificant problems seem so big at a time like this. I need to focus on my final examns and instead painfully anoying wisdom teeth have to be pulled out, demonstration almost every day against our local political counsel and national government. Although maybe not so insignificant but still….takes up time from what I really should be focusing on.
Quite painful but at the same time strangely funny to be numb in the right side of my face…to be this drooling funny talking weird looking person and everyone just give this pityful look.
Drooling=secretion of saliva from the mouth.
Drooling is caused by saliva flowing outside the mouth. Drooling is generally caused by excess production of saliva, inability to retain saliva within the mouth, or problems with swallowing.

How pathetic I must have looked when those young girls infront of the mall approached me with their perfume samples trying to convince me to buy the new POSH/Beckham perfume. Not exactly what I was thinking of when I left the dentist. Which perfume would go to my black Vagabond Pumps, denim knickers and swollen right cheek??? Well no harm done and no perfume for me.

Changing to become the same

Finally I finished my assignment. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever written but it’ll do. Now I can focuse on more important things like…well life. And yet my education is part of my life. It is what I stand for and try to be…just trying to be a good person. Hmmm…yes that’s it. And trying is not at all bad. If just more people tried to be good – or read Nick Hornby “How to be good”. Maybe that would change a lot of perspectives on how to be good. Oooh – also one of my favourites is Paul Auster with New York Follies. Now I need some inspiration for some new books because I soon will have the time to read again.
In the meantime I have three examns and I really don’t have a clue what it is gonna be like. I feel I have to little time and know to little about the subjects to write anythings smart about it. Hmm…maybe I should spend some time studying instead writing on my blog…………………yes.END