Any given sunday!

Minor bumps on the road is what makes life more fun and un-predictable, but big cracks and holes that deprives you any chances to take control over your own life sucks! But then again they might be necessary if you are going in the wrong or totally opposite direction then the one you set out to follow.. The hard part is just to climb back up, look at it all with a rational sense and with humour or irony and try to find the wright way. Some people are so lucky that their brains will (with help from friends) overcome almost all mental obstacles and be stronger and wiser when coming out on the other side. ANY DAY now I’m hopping for that to happen….it could happen this sunday! And when I woke up tomorrow the world would have changed just a little bit in the direction of all good. And I would know that I had tried my best to make a little difference and acted from wise descisions, instead of being manipulated by emotions! Any day now….bring it on!