Looking at it all from a distance

Just because you have decided that it is time for a change, it doesn’t necessarily happen just like that. And sometimes when you at least expect it life changes and you don’t really know what to think of it, because the life you knew and felt so comfortable with, is no longer the same and at the same time you are too curious to ignore the change and you jump in with both legs and with no other safety net then your courage and faith in yourself.
And how amazing, scary, interesting, beautiful, surprising and fulfilling it can be to let go of control and worries over the future and let life happen and only think about how good life is today.
It is hard work and takes a lot if practice and still I don’t succed always. But to ignore the feeling of butterflies, because you are branded by the past and scared of the consequences and the future when you fall in love, is to me almost blasphemy. So now I will try again to let go of complete control and see where it takes me.