creepy neighbour and bad nutella!

So I woke up early this morning and thought this is going to be a good day, the sun is shinning, it is ideal for rollerskating later today, I have brunch plans with my brother, feeling good in body and brain after the fast 5km run yesterday and the dress fits perfectly…what would make my day really really good, would be a date with an intelligent handsome gentleman.
So with that on my mind and feeling pretty positive about the day to come I pop down to the laundromat…and meet creepy neighbour who can’t look me in the eyes but still keep staring at me with nasty eyes. I hurry up and forget to hang all the wet clothes in the basement and brings it up to the flat, so now the place has been re-decorated with freshly washed clothes hanging to dry on the chairs, just to avoid going back to the basement and meet creepy guy!
Well, meeting up with my brother for brunch and lamp-shopping. Windy cold autumn weather outside but the sun is still shinning. Going to Globen Flakket to get their weekend brunch buffet and it’s perfect until I choose the crunchy nutella on a slice of bread…..urrrg nasty….I forgot I don’t like nutella anymore after last winter buying the biggest jar in Netto and eating it everyday for two months. Feeling the crunchy nutella getting more and more sticky in my mouth growing into a big sticky nutelladumpling that is impossible to swallow. Looking quite funny trying to swallow something while my throat fights against it. I wash it down with strong coffee and making note to myself: “never ever eat nutella again(at least not the sheap one).”
Ending the afternoon with an episode of Doctor House and a cup of herbal tea, convinced that that is going to make me feel not so bad about the big naughty brunch! and the money I could have saved eating breakfast/lunch at home and at the same time avoided the bad crunchy nutella.